Discrepancies between "financial total sales" and "financial payments" reports

Discrepancies between "financial total sales" and "financial payments" reports

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Hello everyone!

I have noticed discrepancies between the totals in the financial reports, specifically between the total sales for a selected day and the total payments received on the same day.

I show you an example:

For the day 03/13/21 the report "total sales" shows me a total of € 2,157.89




However, for the same day, in the report of payments received, the total is € 2,182.77





In both cases I understand that they are final data, with taxes and discounts and returns are included.

Shouldn't they be the same amounts? Why is this lag?

Thanks in advance for any input on this matter.


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Following ... I notice there is no reply.  I find discrepancies in sales amounts between the payout report and the sales report.  Different amounts for the same order.  Very frustrating and hoping to find an answer somewhere before I make a phone call and have to hold for an undetermined amount of time.

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did you find an answer for this?