Display GST inclusive product prices for specific region only

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I have an Australian client who sells predominantly overseas.  So the product prices they work with are GST exclusive.  But to comply with legal requirements in Australia it is necessary to display the GST inclusive prices within Australia.

How would I go about this?  

Essentially I would like to follow this tutorial, however only apply it for Australian visitors / customers.  Also, we'd prefer not to have to display an international price and an Australian price side by side. 

Does the Shopify template variable that can be used on product pages? (tax_line.rate seems to be a cart variable and not accessible in normal page templates)  Seems wrong to have to hardcode it in the template whilst that info is present in the tax settings.

Is the only way to detect the visitor's country via Javascript (if not logged in?)

Thank you.

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I'm encountering this same issue. Did you find a solution to it?