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because of some legal requirements the sales tax-price must be shown in my order confirmation. How can I set this in my settings? In the invoices of order printer, it is shown, but only with 0,00€.


Product price: 49,99

Tax included (19% currently in Germany) : 0,00

How do I adjust, that the 19% of the price is calculated and shown? 

If should be shown as follow:

Product price: 49,99

Tax (19% included): 9,49

Thank you for your help 



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Hey Lucas,

It sounds like you are missing the tax settings in your Shopify admin to calculate and include the taxes in your orders. You can set that up on this page in your admin:


(If taxes are already included in your prices, make sure to enable that checkbox on the settings page above)

Once you have the tax rates setup for Germany, then any new orders will automatically calculate and charge the correct taxes for you, which will then be shown in your emails and order printer documents. This also ensures that customers see the correct tax when going through the checkout.

Hope it helps,


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