Divide GST into 3 different tax (IGST, SGST, CGST) and HSN

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Hi Shopify Team,

I want to create GST functionality in our store . i have to add additional fields in admin in single product section like IGST , SGST & CGST where my client will add manually or HSN which will automatically calculate above mentioned taxes(IGST, SGST, CGST) fetch through API (if any website will provide api key for HSN). We want this three taxes which will apply for collections , products and shipping method and then lastly all the taxes generates in Invoice as per item wise and calculate order likewise.
hope for any suggestion or answer regarding above functionality soon.

Thanks in Advance! 

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Hi censoftg71,

Have a look at our short GST guide for Indian Shopify stores, it might help you to correctly configure taxes in your store.

Once everything is set up, our invoicing app for Shopify can help you to issue correct invoices with break down of different Indian GST taxes charged to your customers.

Hope this helps!
Katy, Sufio

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Hello Censoftg71,

You can try this app for all of the things mentioned by you are in this app.

It has some highly useful features such as :-
- Ability to manage GST taxes(percentage) & HSN codes product wise.  
- Mention of IGST, SGST, CGST according to customer state automatically. 
- Bulk Updation of HSN codes and GST taxes.
- Mention of GST number of the supplier on the invoices. 
- Mention of State code on the invoice. 
- Download invoices in PDF

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Hello  Censoftg71,

You can try this App for More GST Tax Options