Do I need to collect sales taxes when selling to other states?

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hello! i’m not familiar with taxes, especially out of state! i currently live in a state that doesn’t collect sales taxes. if i was selling to other states do i need to collect from those states? i don’t understand if i still need to collect it or how to register to collect. i only sell to the usa currently so i don’t need any info on out of the country taxes!

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To determine if you need to collect and remit sales tax in any state, first search for nexus by state. Nexus is determined physical location within the state or by sales volume (by dollar volume or by number of transactions). Once you reach nexus you will need to register with that state and begin collecting and remitting. You will learn during registration what the filing frequency is (monthly, quarterly, annual). Each state is different as well.
Shopify has sales tax services for setting rates which are typically based on the shipping address. Shopify reporting is helpful but still lacking in details that make filing easy. 
If you decide that you need help, let me know and I can put you in touch with services that can be very helpful.