Do I need VAT number?

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I'm completing my first Shopify store with the intention of going Live in the next 2 weeks.


I live in Ireland and my intention at the moment is to sell only to the US. Do I need a VAT number?


My understanding is that a VAT number is only required when you sell products to Europe. However, my Shopify account shows the following warning:


"Your store address is in Ireland, which uses Value Added Tax (VAT). If you have a VAT number for your business, you can enter it on your billing settings page in Shopify"


To have a VAT number I would need to have a business. My intention is to not register as a business until I see some profit.


Another question related to taxes. My product's page show the following disclaimer under the price: "Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout." I understand that selling to the US I should not charge taxes (as I have no physical presence there). Is there a way to remove this text? Or is this only possible touching the code?



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Hi Fithis1,

I think you will benefit from registering vat as a sole trader if you have not formed limited company. As you are selling to US you will not be charging vat but you will be able to claim back vat on purchases.

Hope this helps.
Please get in touch if you need any further advice.