Do Sales by Product reports or Finance reports include Merchant fees?

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Hello, I'm trying to figure out whether the Net Sales included in the Sales by Product Reports and/or Finance reports are presented net of Merchange fees. If not, do I need to run a separate report to identify the merchant fees in order to reconcile to Deposits received? I'm assuming I'd have to go to Settings --> Payment Providers --> Shopify Payments --> View payouts --> Export date range? Would this include any fees paid to PayPal? If not how have others dealt with PayPal fees?

I'm currently exporting these files and summarizing gross sales, returns, discounts, shipping fees, taxes paid in excel then entering the values into QB online as sales receipts. From what I could tell thus far the Shopify app which integrates into QB Online bulks all gross sales, returns, discounts, shipping fees etc into one Gross Sales account. Could someone please confirm whether this is the case and if so, are there other applications or software that you use to facilitate integration with QB online? Thank you. 

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