Does Shopify provide a summary of all credit card fees charged?

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I’ve searched across the platform both browser and app for an answer. I scoured the forums and it seems like everyone agrees that Shopify is not doing its job to clearly share all the credit card fees that are charged.


Every net sales number I find in my financial reports is not accurate because it doesn't subtract credit card fees. The only way I can see the credit card fees being charged is per transaction as seen in the photo attached. I don’t want to have to manually calculate anything when I’m doing my taxes. I shouldn’t have to figure out how many and how much the credit card transactions add up to in order to f calculate the 2.9% + .30c fees for the entire year.


There should be a summary for this just like how there is a summary for shipping fees and subscription fees. I shouldn’t need to download or pay for or any apps to this for me. It’s basic information that’s there… it needs to be summarized into a total and not so hidden.


If I missed the answer please please let me know. 



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