Dropshipping using Aliexpress from India to US

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I am starting a dropshipping store in India with aliexpress from India to US and my customers will only be in US.

1) I have found some articles which say that you have to get a US bank account, SSN & pay taxes there also even when you are doing business from abroad not from US. How far is this true?

2) I heard about a tax feature in shopify store that allows you to charge sales tax & VAT applicable to different states in US. Will allowing this feature autocharge tax through settings? If not then how to know to charge specific percentage of tax rates?

3) Does this tax feature when used apply to other countries as well?

4) Since I am neither importing or exporting to India, do you have to register for import/export duties?

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Hello brother have you found the answer for the above questions?

Please share with us if you had found it.


I'm trying to start a dropshipping from India using aliexpress, so what type of taxes I need to pay for this? and how to pay them?

Thank you in advance,

please reply as promptly as possible.