Dropshipping with AliExpress products with VAT already included

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Hello ☺️


I'm thinking about creating my dropshipping eccomerce website.

My supplier is from AliExpress and I see that the products I want to buy already follow the regulations for European Union and United States, which means the VAT is already included in the price. In this scenario the products should not be stopped in the customs or pay additional fees. The product I'm selling costs around 40€ and the supplier ships worldwide.


If the cost of acquiring the product for me is 40€ including VAT, and if I charge for example 60€ in my website, do I need to charge any VAT for the additional 20€? Or can I simply sell the product for 60€ and say that the VAT is already included? Do I need to do any legal invoice?


If anyone can help me I will really appreciate! 🤗



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Hi, how did you end up resolving your issue?