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dual citizen- US and Canadian (US Citizen, Canadian Permanent Resident) living in Canada, wanting to sell in US

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I would like to sell t-shirts through Teespring online in the US.  I would upload my design and customers can order directly from them and have the shirt delivered directly. I am an American citizen living in Canada. I suppose any income would come under "World Income" and would get paid to the Canada Revenue Agency. I should not owe taxes in the US on this type of merchandise do to treaties between the US and Canada. Does anyone know if I am correct, or what other taxation issues I need to be aware of?

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Hey DN,

Let me first qualify this with saying I am not an official tax expert. With that said, the way I understand it is that if you're a permenant resident of Canada, and your business is based out of Canada - regardless of who/where you're selling your products to - then you would be under Canadian tax law, meaning any customers purchasing from within Canada would most likely need to pay taxes on each order, but customers from the United States would not. 

At the end of the year, you would report your business's gross sales, and pay taxes, to the Canadian government. 

To be based out of Canada, and sell to American customers (in USD) you would simply need to have a USD chequings account. You can get one from pretty much any Canadian bank (RBC, Scotiabank, BMO, etc). 

Hope this helps, and best of luck with your business! 🙂

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Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much for your input. Sounds like it might not be as complicated as I first thought.