E-Commerce in Germany: Few doubts

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Hi Everyone,

I am an Italian professional currently working and living in Germany and wondering about opening an E-Commerce here. I'd like to point out that my shop would only sell and deliver to the USA. So no purchasing among the UE would be possible.

With that being said, my questions are:

1. Do I need to necessarly register my business in Germany or is there like (as in many other countries) a minimum treshhold you should reach before doing that? (I've heard about a 17.500€ gross per year)

2. If I only sell/ship in the USA, do I have to worry about any type of Tax (whether Eurpean or American)? I know that the USA don't have the VAT, therefore shall I leave it on 0%?

I am really looking forward to your reply and thank you very much in advance.




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Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer or tax professional, this is just my opinion.

1. If you run a business, i. e. buy/produce and sell on a regular basis, you will need to register a "Gewerbe". The €17.500 threshold applies to charging VAT. If you're below the threshold, you don't add/split out the VAT.

2. If you're running your business from Germany, you would generally not charge U. S. citizens taxes. There might be some thresholds involved here too, though.

Bottom line: If you want to be 100% sure what to do (and you do, if you don't want to have a rude awakening later on), ask a lawyer and/or tax professional.

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Hi Thomas, 


Thank you so much for the quick and complete reply!