EIN Change Needed as well as K-9 information.

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I need to change my EIN number and perhaps the address associated with the old EIN to the new EIN. I have searched the helps section but the links provided are non existent. I also need my K-1's and the same thing - no correct link. in both cases the answers are redirects to help sections that say "send a support ticket". I would pay extra to have live support. Not happy with this level of service to be honest. It was the main reason we chose Shopify (live help). Please have someone reach out ASAP. Thank you

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Hi @meandatree

When it comes to sensitive information like your EIN and your K-1 you do need to chat with our support directly to keep your information secure.

You should be able to speak to our support through the help center chat function by logging in with your account. Do you not see that?

Step 1:

Step 2: Log in

Step 3: Choose the chat function

If we have the capacity in your area, the request a callback option will appear (as you can see in the screenshot). However, this does depend on queues, traffic, and availability so you're more likely to reach us via chat!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.