Europe based businesses - what accounting software are you using with Shopify?

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Dear fellow Shopify store owners,

We'd like to know what accounting software Shopify store owners are using to manage their "books" in Europe. We are researching products like Quickbooks and Xero and are wondering if there are better solutions for businesses who are located in Europe and need an accounting software package that will work with European currenies, VAT, etc.

If you dont mind sharing, please let us know your location (country) and what accounting software you use. And of course if you have any experience to share, good or bad, that would be very helpful.

Thank you,


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Shopify Partner
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Hi Mark,

Most of our clients specially in sweden choose fortnox as thier accounting software. And what they want to do is to make it integrated to shopify so it will create accounting invoice. And thats the time they need our service.

Zilverback develops custom integrations that move info between eCommerce platforms and web apps automatically so you can focus on your most important work.

You can visit our site for further info on what are the services we offer. You can send me email to

We want to show you the right option for your needs. 

Thank you.

Rossel R. Quiban , Zilverback