Exporting Orders for UK VAT Return - Taxes Column doesn't remove VAT already charged

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When using the Export function from the Orders page to extract data for our VAT Return, I have noticed that in the resulting CSV for Excel, Numbers, or other spreadsheet programs, the Taxes column does not remove or add a counter balancing entry for cancelled and refunded orders.


Is there another Report or another way to solve this as otherwise we run the risk of over reporting our Sales Tax liability.

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Th orders page isn't really the best place to determine tax liability, as it will only report numbers for the order using the actual order date. The sales reports would be better, as they will account for returns, specific to the date of the return. 


So for example, if you made a sale in April, the tax liability will be in April. If the return is in May, you should report that as part of May's liability. The sales reports will report this properly.