Facebook: Prices with tax, Connect a pixel to catalog

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Hey there,

I'm just starting a new merch shop for my band.

I connected facebook to have a shop catalog there.


But I'm running into two issues.


1. Prices are synced without German tax. But this is not legal in Germany. I need them shown with tax in facebook too. Is there a setting I can not find?
Manually editing the price in facebook catalog is not working because only the price can be edited, but not the sale price (compare at). In this case there are misleading proces shown.


2. I want to connect a pixel in I do not own. (catalog manager/Event Sources). The same pixel as used in shopify.

But I have full managing access in facebook ads manager. The pixel settings show that too. I have complete rights for managing: "Create, edit and view pixels. Add or remove pixel events. Create pixel audiences and conversion ads. Add, edit and remove pixel users."


Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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