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Finance Summary Cash Payments vs Cash Sessions Report

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I am finding differences in the total cash payments amount reported in the Finance Summary and the total cash payments reported in the Cash Tracking Sessions Report. The difference is almost always related to returns. Why would there be a difference? The returns are often from orders that may have occurred days to months earlier and sometimes from different sales locations. Are these reports pulling from different tables or do they have different date filters? Why would they not be the same?

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I am new to Shopify - Looking for the best place to find the cash that we received for the day. I found the cash tracking which appears to be a new feature. Where is the best place to find the cash that we took in for the day?Thanks in advance!

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Did you find an answer to this? I Haven't logged in here for several months.
I use the Finance Summary which gives you total sales, payment, COGS, and Gift card info. You can also view cash tracking sessions under Point of Sale. Be aware though that these reports do not always agree. You would expect them to be the same if they draw from the same data but we find differences. Differences seem to be related to returns most of the time.

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