Fractional Product Quantities for Shopify POS

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One big question some merchants have when migrating from Quickbooks onto Shopify POS is how they can sell products with fractional quantities (such as by weight, units, length, yardage, etc).


As a result, we wanted to share some information and a guide on how this can be done extremely smoothly inside of Shopify POS through an app.


With the "Fractional Product Quantities" app, you can now sell products with fractional quantities in POS. With this app, you can easily select a single product/variant or multiple products/variants within the POS. Specify the fractional quantity or amount of each selected product/variant that you want to sell. Add those products/variants and their specified fractional quantities to the POS cart. Then proceed to checkout your customer. The app automatically syncs and adjusts your inventory accurately.


With the app you can:

  • Sell any product, variant, or SKU with any fractional quantity you'd like.
  • Add products with fractional quantities to the POS cart to checkout customers.
  • Reflect products/variants sold in fractional amounts accurately in inventory.
  • Sell products by yardage, weight, length, unit measurements, fractions, & more.


Download the app for Shopify:


Here is also a complete guide and walkthrough:


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When using this app with a tax exempt item, the fractional portion of the item is getting taxed and I cannot find a way to stop that from happening. If you need to use fractional quantities on items this app seems to only work if the item is taxable.