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Full order, transaction and payout report

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Hi there,

I am struggling to find an answer to this.

In order for our finance department to reconcile the payouts against orders I need the following information on one report:


  • Cardholder Name
  • Date the transaction took place
  • What was purchased
  • Amount of Transaction
  • Breakdown of fees
  • Date of Payout
  • ID of Payout if applicable

Now most of this info seems to be available on the Payout dashboard, except all the details of the order (name, product etc) is all hidden under the order number and another level deeper.


I need to be able to export all this information out and send it over to our Finance team so they can see whats happened. They won't be able to login and go into each and every order number to see the details.


On the Orders export it has no details of the fee breakdown.


Is there any reporting or any way round this .. otherwise I am going to have to manually add information to a spreadsheet and that seems quite cumbersome (and prone to human error) when clearly all the data is in the system! 


Please can someone let me know if I am missing something!



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Hello - I’m John from Report Pundit.

Report Pundit has the ability to drill into each Payout deposit to your bank account. Many shop owners and accountants use this report to reconcile their bank account.

You can know the order detail, product, card holder name, transaction date, type, payout ID, date, fee breakdown and many other fields. We can also add more fields if you need any.

We have a free 14-day trial to test the reports and dashboards. Our support team can create any custom reports related to sales, customer, inventory and product. You can also view marketing data by adding Google Analytics account.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards
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Unfortunately, the payout API on Shopify doesn't provide that level of detail. That being said, if you have an IT team that's capable of building quality integrations, then you should be able to create a relation between data from the Transaction API and Payout API to reconcile your accounting data. If you don't have that level of expertise on hand, you can look into an integration platform like VL OMNI to create the data relation between the APIs' payloads. The integration can either create a report for your accounting team or automate the upload of the transactional information in your target application. 


I hope that helps. 



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Hey @UK_Marketing!

We just answered a very similar question in our Parabola community! While you may need more or less data than they did, below is a pre-built template to help you get started. You can use our Column Filter step to remove the data you do not need to send to your Finance team. Additionally, you could always make your Parabola flow automatically email your Finance team and set a schedule for this to run as frequently as you need.

Here is the link to get started: