Getting my tax id updated

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When I had originally set up my store earlier this year I did so as an individual. Later in the year, I formed an LLC.

I want to make sure that I can put the tax id (EIN) of my LLC to use for tax purposes for my store instead of my personal tax id (SSN). I don't see any place in the Settings where I can do that.

I tried emailing support but they have been unresponsive for weeks. Please help me with the process for getting that updated.

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Hey @TeamWilpers,


Did this ever get resolved for you? I'm in the same situation, and have been waiting for a month for a response.  Looking for some hope that I'll ever hear from them!



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No. Not yet. I just recently, after placing my request many months ago,
received an email for some documents to start the process of making this
change. I promptly submitted those documents 10 days ago and haven't
heard anything back. Prior to receiving that email, I had sent an email to
support asking for assistance in making a copy of my store so that I could
close my current one and open the new one with a new EIN. They all but
refused to help me with that and then I received the email about getting
the ball rolling on the EIN. Coincidence? Maybe.
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Hi @TeamWilpers,

Thanks for sharing your experience, and I'm sorry you've been stuck in the
tax team purgatory! I'll try reaching out similarly, thanks for your