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i want to start my dropship journey -- seeling products to USA clients only. using Aliexpress 

i am newbiew and have seen many doubts and question raised --- so i have my doubts--
can someone help on this 

2--store is created --- traffic to store via adds ---- 

3- customer order--and pays via his credit card ?? and dropshiiper ships the 

4 ) how do we earn ?? price of product is 5$ we set it in shop as 10$ --- client 
orders----> how does money gets divided to me ?? how does my 5$ comes to me 

5) -- who handles for refunbds/ cancelation / faulty items ?

6--when did i get paid ??

7) -- indian tax regulations --- are there any --- GST number etc ( considering i m not selling in india 

8) paypal -- what kind of account we need -- i have personal --do we need business 
account ?? if yes what documents does it need ?

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I am from Zilverback, We built custom integration, automating your bookkeeping processes so you can focus on other things. 

Our integration collects data from your payment gateways and booking your orders as paid to your accounting system. We can also custom integrate different VAT settings via account numbers facilitating it in your accounting system.

If you want to know more you can visit our site