handling Taxes when selling services globally

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Hello everyone


We are a cyber security consulting company planning to go global with Shopify for our remotely delivered services. We are located in Dubai UAE and are a registered business here. Our services are not Cloud based SaaS, but are delivered as a managed service by our consultants based here in Dubai. 


UAE, being the origin of the services, does not impose any taxes for exported services. However the challenges are as follows. 


1. Being Based in Dubai and Selling Services in markets like USA (all states) UK, Europe, and other countries what kind of taxes are we liable to pay at the destination.
2. Do we need to create separate pricing plans to incorporate US state and federal taxes, UK and Europe VAT etc when a customer purchases our services from these Geos.
3. Will we be expected to register with Tax authorities in these countries and pay taxes on sales. What type of taxes will be involved and what would be the percentage.
4. Are customers in any of these countries expected to withhold taxes while they pay invoices raised by us and pay directly to tax authorities in their respective countries. In that case how do we factor the various tax amounts into our product pricing. 


Would greatly appreciate it if someone who has encountered similar scenarios can guide me in the right direction. 





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hey, have you found a solution ?


thank you