Has anyone received their 1099 form from online platforms on time?

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On February 9th I received an email from Shopify stating that I would receive my 1099 by February 29th. Here is it past 6pm on the 29th and still no 1099 form. Has anyone received theirs? I saw somewhere someone said it would take another 24 to 48 hrs for it to show up so technically that would be past the extension date of receiving it on the 29th. I can not believe for at least the last 2 years with Shopify I am having to file a extension because they can't get there acts together and get these out on time. Every other company (paypal, ebay, and amazon) all get the theirs out on time but here I am waiting yet again for my last 1099. As for as doing the manual report thing... yea that doesn't work, if you file off of that and Shopify reports another number on the 1099 then that is a whole other mess. Been there before also.

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