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Hi. Hoping someone can shed some light on some of the super confusing things we're coming across we're trying to report exact net sales.


Some of the issues we are finding are:


POS reporting 

a) There is no way for staff to report net sales (not including shipping or tax) from the POS without accessing the back end. Any way around this?


Gift cards

a)  Gift cards sold are considered a "loan" and do not show up in the backend as a sale.  They are removed from our current profit and when an item is returned and put on a giftcard it appears as a negative value.

b) Purchases made with gift cards show up as a zero sale in the backend but show up as an actual purchase on the POS print out at EOD.  The front end and back end numbers don't match up.   Example:  we had a gift card purchased for $60 cash.  The EOD printout from our POS shows it as a $60 purchase but when you review the invoices in the backend it shows up as zero.



a) The backend reporting does not break down by payment type- cash, credit card, etc.



We have 3 brick and mortar locations + an ecomm site and we want to be able to have a report that shows the totals for each of these.



When an item is purchased at one store but then exchanged at the other it subtracts the value from the original store and repurchases the items at the new store.  We had a case of an even exchange- a bag was purchased in brown at one store and then exchanged for a black one at the other store, and instead of just having inventory movement it actually refunded at the original store and repurchased the item at the other location.  Completely throws off our accounting and reporting of sales at each of the locations.


Overall it's terribly confusing and if anyone can shed some light on this or have some apps they can recommend that will make this less confusing please let me know!  We recently upgraded to the advanced plan for custom reporting but not sure this is going to solve our problem.


Thank you!





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Hi Lana,


I'm John from Report Pundit. We can try to help with some of the reporting issues you have highlighted. We do not charge for report creation and customization.


1) POS reporting by staff - Each staff has a staff ID. If you can tell us the staff ID and their name, we can create reports that will show sales by each staff excluding taxes and shipping.


2) Gift Cards - You can create a report to identify all sales using gift cards. You can also create gift card purchases which will help you reconcile the differences.


3) Payment Breakdown - This report can be easily created so each order's payment method - cash, credit card or gift card - can be identified.


4) Store Breakdown - With Report Pundit, you can create sales from different channels like online storefront, every POS location and channels like facebook, google, amazon.


5) Returns - You can create a report that shows refunds by location. I'm not sure if this will solve the inventory movement issue.


We have a 14-day free trial. Our support team will create the custom reports.


You can reach me at support@reportpundit.com



Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards
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I need to break down my cash sales to every transaction for the past few months. Is Report Pundit doing this? I´m based in Germany.

Thanks 🙂