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Help regarding applying sales taxes

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Hello, I need some help regarding applying sales taxes.


My employer is attending an event in Florida next week and is bringing along products to sell at the event. However the final prices for each product will vary because they will be negotiated, and we want to send the customer a custom invoice with the Florida sales tax (specifically Palm Beach County, which is 7%). I'm able to create the new order/invoice, but the tax info cannot be changed. I added Florida in the Taxes and Duties section, and added a new Location (the location of the event), all through the Settings of the Shopify store, but I see no change when I create a new order/invoice. Currently it's still showing NY State taxes and Manhattan City taxes.

What am I doing wrong, or what am I still missing? What else can I do so that I can apply the 7% sales tax to the invoices, on a case by case basis/when needed?

Thank you.


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I would suggest that you build an order/invoice and then enter the address of the event into the shipping address field. I think once you have a Florida address set as the shipping address on the order, it will calculate the correct tax rate. I would also double check that you don't have the specific product set as "tax exempt". 


Hope that helps. 


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Thanks, I'll try it out and see how it goes.