Hi i got an random 32USD tax from shopify

Hi i got an random 32USD tax from shopify

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I was at work then recive an notification from my bank that two 32 usd payment wore done on my shopify i had only the 1 usd monthly subscription and i want to get my money back

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Hi @David16Hz 


Thanks for reaching out here for help.


I understand that you have some concerns about charges you noticed on your bank account that are from Shopify.


You mentioned that you only had one monthly subscription, so I assume you are only operating a single Shopify store at the moment? Is it possible that you may have created another store, maybe using a different email address and then forgot about it? Feel free to use this tool here to enter all email addresses you may have used, and it will send you the store name via email if one exists.


Is it possible that you have some apps on your store maybe, that are incurring app charges and those charges are what you are seeing? I would suggest taking a look through your installed apps, and seeing if any of them involve charges. You can head to Settings > Billing and look through your most recent bills to get more detailed information about what you were charged for.


If you cannot locate this second charge, and still do not know where it came from, then feel free to reach out to our support team using this link here. On the Shopify Community we cannot access any of your store billing info or other account info, so contacting us via our help center will be necessary.


Rick | Shopify 
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