How can a non-VAT UK business manage EU duties on e-commerce orders?

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I am a small non-VAT registered business in the UK.
I have an EORI number but am not registered with IOSS.

With the changes in legislation, I have found myself in some confusion and difficulty when it comes to selling to EU customers. My products are priced in the £60-£80 region and I realize that when they are being sent to the EU that the products will have duties added on top of them as all items priced 0-150 euros must pay VAT and duties.

Some couriers like DPD have a useful service where you can prepay duties on products (DDP - Delivered Duties Paid). However, I want to be able to show this on my Shopify store so that my customers arent hit with duties they must pay before receiving their package as I have had one or two sent back to me and have had to give a refund.

What are my best options in this scenario? I don't have a lot of money to spend as I'm still starting up but losing my EU customers will be a huge hit for me as they account for approximately 50% of my sales.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help

EDIT: I would also like to add that I don't charge for shipping when customers spend a certain amount i.e orders over £70 get free shipping. But when I book using a service like DPD with their DDP service they charge duties on the shipping as well, is there anything I can do to not lose out a lot of money?

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Look at an app like Crossborderit 

You won't need to register for IOSS, but they act as an agent to sort this out for you. There is no way around you either pay the VAT or your sellers do. Better to do it your self.

We are in Ireland and we will be absorbing UK VAT into our pricing!!

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Hey I've been looking for this same solution and found some good answers in this other thread;