How can I access full gift card data for platform migration?

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I am looking to migrate my Shopify store to another platform with a different supplier, and have been unable to access my full Gift Card data. We only get access to the last four digits of the gift card for security reasons (which is a good thing, to a degree). In order to migrate our gift cards onto another platform, we require the full code, balance, customer name and purchase date. Shopify is unable to provide the full card number. As the business owner, I own this financial liability and believe I should have access to this data. The support team continues to tell me that "nobody" has access to this data, which is not possible, because the data exists in order for my customers to be able to redeem their cards. The level of security on this seems unreasonable, given that the only place someone can spend these gift cards is in my own store - it's not like they are legal tender that can be spent anywhere else.
Has anyone been able to get access to this unencrypted gift card data for their own stores?
Holding it hostage from the business owner feels like anti-competitive an unethical behaviour on the part of Shopify.
Any advice would be appreciated!

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Were you able to find a solution? I am migrating to Shopify at the moment but have the same concern.