How can I adjust the VAT rate for my Norwegian webshop?

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We have a webshop in Norway. The webshop is set up to collect Norwegian VAT in Settings > Taxes > Tax region > Norway. Shopify is with this setup automatically collecting 25% VAT, which is the standard VAT rate in Norway.

The problem is that for the type of product that this webshop is selling, the VAT rate should only be 15%, not 25%. I can not find any option to change the VAT rate in Shopify. Any pointers?

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Hi @Furnesdesign,

Nick here from Shopify. 

I just want to make sure I completely understand what you're saying! The VAT in Norway is 25% and you assigned that to your store and is set up ok. But there is one particular product where the VAT is actually 15% and not 25% and you want to change the VAT to 15% for that one product only in your store? 

If that is the case, can you shed some more light on why that one product has a 15% VAT and not 25%. A tax override will allow you to remove a tax, but not change it for one product, and you can manage your tax calculations but I don't believe it's possible to change the VAT for one product only. Let me know if that is indeed the case and we can take it from there!

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Hi Nick

I made a collection with the product inside and used a tax override for the

*Norway have 3 different tax rates:*
General rate: 25%
Food: 15%
Passenger transport, cinema tickets and room rental: 12%


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Thank you for letting us know the outcome. I wanted to chime in here to see if what Nick provided resolved your issue. If it did, please let us know! If not, we'd be happy to continue working with you to find a solution or possible workaround for your store. 

Trevor | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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