How can I change the payment date format and character numbers in my exported orders database?

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I'm trying to work on the orders database exported to my email. I find a problem with the format on which the payment at column is being downloaded. Is there any way from shopify's side to download this information with a different organization?
Also, when downloading the orders database all the character numbers are coming with dots, so my spreadsheet identify this cells as text not as numbers and doesn´t let me work on it directly. 
Is there any way to change the rules of downloading this information?
You can find at this link, how is it appearing and hoy i would like to appear: 
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Hello @Alvaromm ,


Yes, you can customize the columns that are included in the orders export by:

Go to Orders page -> click on the Export button -> select the Custom option.

Select the columns you want to include in the export, including the Payment Status column.


Regarding the issue with the format of the Payment column, you can try changing the format of that column in your spreadsheet program. For example, in Microsoft Excel, you can select the column, click on the Home tab, and then select the Number format dropdown to choose the format you want (e.g. Currency or General).


Let me know if this can work.

Jen from TrueProfit


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