How can I correctly set up GST settings for my Kerala-based store?

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I am having significant challenge with GST settings and my store is based in Kerala. Below table is what I am trying to achieve.

All prices are inclusive of taxes in my settings.

I have set 2.5% and with 5% overrides for other states for products less than Rs 1000 - working perfectly.

How do I setup  an override for products over RS 1000 to achieve the GST slabs as below?

This is what I have done, but does-not meet my tax requirements, is there a different way to do this to meet my requirement?

I have created a manual collection for products over Rs 1000, and added a tax over ride for 12% across all state except Kerala. how ever the challenge is Kerala state, where I have set the over ride to be 9.5% to achieve the overall total of 12%. But the issue is I need to show the split as SGST & CGST at 6% each, which I am not able to achieve

Now I am planing to introduce Jewellery, how do I introduce another product  section with another set of over rides with Kerala requiring CGST & SGST split.

Any help to resolve is much appreciated







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Hello Lijuj,

All these challenges get overcome by the Custom app. You can try to install this app.

With this app you simply needs to add your product GST% and rest CGST-SGST or IGST Application auto decide based on Store address and user billing address.