How can I find a representative for my account and taxes?

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Hey, @idionoekanem!


I have consolidated you other posts into this one to streamline our communication. 


In order to reach our Live Support, feel free to follow this link. You will directed to our chats, emails, and phones queues. If the phone option is not available, it just means that our queues are currently full and to try again if phone support is what you want. 


You can also express your needs here in the Community and we can try to provide input as well. Feel free to detail here what is going on your end and the kind of help you are needing. Any information that you are comfortable sharing will be much appreciated as it will help us to provide more tailored solutions for you. However, if you do need immediate support, our live queues are the way to go. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.