How can I find the total commission taken by Shopify for the last financial year?

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Is there an easy way to see the $ amount of commission that shopify took from our sales for the last financial year (I'm in Australia so need data from 1st July 2022 up to now). I can't find anything that is even close. I'm not talking about the monthly subscription fee - I just want an easy way to see a total amount of commission shopify has taken from all our sales combined, rather than going through each individual sale and adding it all up over the last 12 months. 


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Hi There,


You can see payouts under payment settings. See this article for more information.


Once you view your payouts, you can see the "Fees" for each payout and add those up to get the number for the year.


If that's too cumbersome, our Report Toaster app can help. You can run our Transactions by Gateway report to see the fees for Shopify Payments over any time period. Please feel free to have a look and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Hello @FionaJ ,

Greetings from Report Pundit! We provide a premade template for the payout report, offering a detailed view of each payout made to Shopify.

Additionally, we offer an option for you to create a custom report using our report builder, allowing you to compile the specific data you want to see.

Feel free to try our 14-day trial period to see if our app meets your needs.

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