How can I get a refund for an accidentally opened store?

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I accidentally opened a store and want a refund told me I couldn’t deactivate a store until I pay current bill and I don’t think that’s fair it was a accident from a previous store I was running an forgot which one I wanted to countine with.

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You can try contacting support, just be mindful that their terms of service state that there are no refunds. I can't really imagine someone accidentally typing their entire credit card number in, I can appreciate having some buyer's remorse but you paid for a service intentionally and whether you use it or not that money is probably spent.

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If you have more then one store it doesn’t allow you to see what the store looks like before you put the information in I promise you won’t remember if you come back 8 months later and the stores have similar names.

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Hi there, @GUCCIGANG


Welcome to the Community! Definitely a great place to gather some input regarding anything about the platform!


What @casey-customs has suggested regarding contacting our live support team is the best way to go about this as we do not have access over backend information over social channels. Once they verify your credentials, they can dig deeper into this matter and assist you with closing any store you do not wish to continue with as well as process any refunds you are entitled to. 


I have also attached the following resources to help you out during this time: 


  • Forgot your store tool: this is a great link to use so you can organize which store is which and which email account is connected to it. 
  • Close Your Store: this help document outlines all the steps you need to do in order to successfully close an account with us. 


Definitely let me know how this goes for you. 

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