How can I legally collect and calculate state taxes for my online dropshipping store?

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Hello I already established an LLC company in WYOMING in the USA .. and got my EIN .. my business is an online dropshipping store, and I sell HOME improvement Products in all USA, the question is, do I have to collect taxes from other states on each product? I know that each state has a specific rate (percentage) how can I add this to the final invoice? and when I collect it, where do I have to pay it? and it will be monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly?
and how can I set up her in my store in the correct way??
every time I buy products from Aliexpress, they charge me extra cost depending on the delivery location in the USA (extra cost for tax), then I should charge this tax to my customers depending on the State Tax rules .. right??
how can I know the rules of each state and how can Shopify calculate it in a legal way on the checkout page for customers Automatically? like Aliexpress calculate it Automatically for me? and should I have to pay it to the government? where and when? 
thank you 
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Sales tax laws and rules are complicated so you'll need to do some homework and not rely on just responses in this forum. A couple of thoughts:
Do a search on economic nexus first and determine if you have nexus in other states. You need to consider both physical and economic nexus. Tax rates vary by state, county, city/local jurisdictions.  You can turn automatic sales tax on in Shopify and they'll give the local rate based on their system and it may or may not be correct but you'll still need to know about nexus first.
You may be able to give a resale tax exemption form to AlieExpress so that they don't charge you sales tax but you'd need to check with them about that. If they don't charge tax, you then become responsible for collecting the tax based on your nexus.