How can I prove Shopify Payments uses PayPal for payouts in France?

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Hello gurus and experts! I have an accounting transparency issue. Help me!! So, Shopify Payments is actually paying payout for my sales with Sepa Transfers to my bank. The problem is that these transfers are really coming from a IBAN owned by PayPal. Shopify support told me that in France Shopify is using Paypal as their payment method. My issue is that my accounts auditors do not accept the fact that i am receiving money from PayPal and invoices from Shopify. Is there anything i can provide them to state that Shopify has some agreement with Paypal to transfer paybacks to me through a Paypal Iban??? It is like i am getting money from Paypal and i must give a proof that they are connected with Shopify payouts and fees invoices. I cannot provide a Paypal payment report for Shopify! Shopify must provide the evidence that they use Paypal to pay me! Or auditors are wrong???? Thanks for help!

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