How can I provide a detailed tax breakdown per line item on Shopify?

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Hello, we are a Vancouver, Canada based business and are selling to quite a few corporate clients this season. I've had a few of our corporate clients request a detailed tax breakdown, as in, what taxes were applied to which line item. Chat support says Shopify doesn't support this, so I tried doing a manual calculation myself to help our customer.

Here is their purchase and the taxes that were automatically applied to their order is $112.76.

tax q.png

So I went line by line to see the tax settings on each item, and manually calculated them 

tax 2.png

My total tax amount doesn't match what Shopify has on the order. i've double checked all the math and settings. The only thing that I wasn't 100% sure on was the shipping tax, but according to the laws I've read it's GST and PST applicable, and I have this area (shown below) unchecked- although it notes it's automatically calculated for Canada.

Charge tax on shipping rates

Include shipping rates in the tax calculation. This is automatically calculated for Canada, European Union, and United States.

What am I missing? And when will Shopify add this as a feature so I don't have to spend hours trying to figure this out? (Don't get me started on another order that had 45+ items on it).

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Did you ever solve this?
I realize it's been ~3 years since you asked Shopify Support .. but Shopify definitely tracks taxes at a line-item level nowdays. There's a `tax_lines` array in the order object - one for each line-item. It has keys for:
amount ($)

rate (%)

title (jurisdiction name)


Still, I'm not finding an easy way to report on it.

My usecase is to report out the tax collected on each order, further broken out by line-item (same as yours, I think).