How can I set up automated transfers in Shopify Balance?

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I Just setup shopify balance as I thought it might be a nice way to simplify everything into one spot. I see I can have multiple sub accounts. One thing I don't see, which to me seems like it would be pretty obvious to have based upon the their recommendations for sub account types, is a way to setup automated transfers from the main account to a sub account.

For example, I'd like 10% off all transactions to go into a sub account called inventory Growth. This way I can put aside money automatically to then be spent on inventory or growing the business.

I see I can do 1 time transfers, but the idea is to do it with each payout from shopify so it grows without me having to intervene.  

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I fully agree. This seems like a major oversight on Shopifys part. There should be a way to automate transactions between sub accounts. Without that functionality, there really is no benefit to using Shopify Balance over an external bank from what I can see. They have shown that they have the ability to implement such features by having a sales tax account that collects funds automatically. I would really like to see them allow the option to set up custom automated transfers between the sub accounts with the ability to base them off of either a percentage or a fixed amount from each order. I think that many shop owners would find this extremely useful