How can I set up sales tax based on my HQ location in Missouri?

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We have a physical location in a state which we are quite certain requires us to remit sales tax based on the origin point of the sale (Missouri). Now, we are not very big right at the moment and don't meet the economic nexus requirements for any other states' taxes, but I am wondering what I need to do to get Shopify to charge our customers the sales tax based on our "HQ" location. Or if I am looking at this wrong and no sales tax is required.


We currently so not see any tax being charged at checkout except on very rare occasions and that concerns me.


-We use "Shopify Tax" setting, not basic

-Our own location is consistent throughout our settings

-Our categorization of products is a little haywire for now, but I don't see why that would blow off the taxes


I'm at a loss otherwise. Thanks.

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Have you turned the collection on in Shopify? Under settings/Taxes and Duties/United States and then selecting Missouri? Each state has to be turned on when you register with the state for Sales tax license.