How do I handle taxes and calculated shipping on Printify without a physical store?

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So I am registered to collect taxes in Texas and I am currently only using printify products. I know that if you have a warehouse or physical store in another state you have to collect taxes there just as I am in texas but how does it work for states that i dont have a physical store. Do I not charge taxes? and If I do how do I do that on My admin. Oh and another thing how am I suppose to add calculated shipping to my shopify store with printify? I know Im suppose to contact shopify to add it but i cant find how to get in touch with them. If I have to do it manually how do I find there shipping Days and everything cause it doesn't show on prinitfy. 


thanks guys


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TO know if you need to collect taxes in other states, research Economic Nexus. Your sales volume or transaction quantity determines economic nexus. For example, the threshold in a state may be sales of more than $100,000 in a given time period  OR total more than 200 transactions in a given time period.
Turning taxes on in Shopify is a procedure that is best done with guidance from either Shopify or someone with experience. You should be able to find a way to contact support when you log into Shopify. Try clicking on your user name where you would go to log out and see if it has a support option.

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Hi there, @essence41816!


I'm happy to provide you some more information on this.


As @KP_Enterprises mentioned, in order to determine where you need to collect taxes, you will want to look into where you have a Nexus. We have a guide in this help document which can help you determine where you need to register to collect taxes. Please note that we're unable to provide tax advice, and you will need to contact a tax professional in your area to determine what is necessary in your situation. 


If you do need to collect taxes (like in Texas, as you mentioned) you can do so in your Shopify admin by navigating to Settings Taxes and dutiesUnited States Collect sales tax. You can find the full instructions in this document


As for shipping, for what you're looking to do, you won't need to contact our support team to set up anything extra besides what's already built into the Shopify software. It can be slightly confusing, because there is Shopify Shipping which allows you to add exact shipping rates from USPS, UPS, and DHL Express based on the details of your customer's order, and Third-party carrier-calculated shipping rates which is when you want to use your own account with a shipping carrier that you have negotiated rates with (and this costs extra to add to your account). From what you've described, I believe you'll only need Shopify Shipping, and that does not cost extra. To add these calculated rates, you can follow the instructions in this help document. I would, however, also check to see what Printify charges for shipping so you can make sure you're charging your customers the correct amount. I found this page on Printify's website which provides their shipping rates! 


I hope this helps, and please let me know if anything is still unclear. 

Greta | Shopify 
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