How do I have my state tax always add to my orders no matter where the customer lives?

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I am selling items out of a physical location (no shipping).  when I write an order and the person does not live in my state, Shopify inserts $0 for tax but I must still collect my state's 6%.  I have clicked "No shipping" on the product description.  I have clicked "Tax this item" on the product.  I still cannot get the tax to calculate unless the customer's address is within my state.  

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Hi, DC Design House. 

This is Martha from the Shopify Team. 

It sounds like what you might be after is a tax override for a collection or shipping region. Click here for some more information about how to do that.

This would allow you to set a tax percentage for all of the United States, as an example. I'd advise that you contact a local authority about what you should be setting up for taxes based on what you are selling! That way you can be accurate in advance 🙂


Max | Shopify 
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Hi Martha,

It is still unclear to me, even with the documentation. We have a local pickup service, but is someone's billing address is out of town, is changes the tax rate - we want to aply the local tax rate to EVERY order, regardless of billing address and the tax exemption isn't providing a global setting that seems to fit this.

I guess we can set a federal rate, then break out the taxes on our side, but when we move to shipping items long term - we will have to set up a different method of differentiation for people that order for local pickup using an out-of-town billing address. We really want the taxes to be pulled from a different source - like shipping address - if not shipping, then default to the local tax rate.





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Change the "ship to" address for your customer to your store address.  Pain - but it works.

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Thanks Jan, that is a clever workaround.