How do I properly set up taxes for US dropshipping in Shopify?

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Background: I have been doing dropshipping in Australia for a while now. in Australia GST is 10% and I add that into the price I get from my supplier and display to the customer. My supplier also charges me 10% GST. Supplier is based in Australia.


Now I am planning for Dropshipping in US. My supplier ash warehouses in CA and NJ but I have registered my company in WY. I want to setup Tax in Shopify backend.

We plan for delivery anywhere in US.


  1. Do I need to register for Tax in all US states and also add all states in Shopify backend because we sell in all states?
  2. Do I need to register in only NJ and CA because warehouse is actually located in these 2 states and hence add these 2 states in Shopify backend?
  3. Do I also need to register for WY as well because I have office location in WY and add WY in tax setup along with NJ and CA?

need some help please.



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