How do I view ALL financials in one place?

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Hi everyone, hoping I can find an updated answer here. 


I'm trying to do my P&L, and it would not appear there is a way to view ALL sales via online store/shop, with ALL taxes/fees, etc in one place? I have to do a page via Sales reports, a sales report via the Shop tab, and then its a different page for fees that shopify takes. 


It's absolutely infuriating, since the reports I'm seeing don't actually add up to match total sales, and then I have to do deep dives to get all the numbers and translate it all to excel manually in order to get accurate reports. There HAS to be a way to view it all in one place, right? 

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Hi There,


Unfortunately, the Shopify fees can only be viewed on the payout report, which you noted doesn't include you sales numbers.


Our Report Toaster app can help. We have a Financial Summary report which will show all of this in one place. This and any of our 120+ report templates can be customized however you see fit. Please feel free to take a look and let us know if we can help.




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Hello @CheyDPlantLady ,


You can try to use a third-party app such as TrueProfit. With TrueProfit, you can have:

1. All numbers from all data points:
TrueProfit syncs data from all your ad channels, shipping platforms, etc., to guarantee all metrics are accurately calculated and automatically updated in real-time, you'll get your P&L report anytime you need.

2. In-depth product insights
Know the profits and costs of every SKU and which products are most frequently bought together to run effective cross-sell campaigns, boosting your average order value

3. Comprehensive customer profitability analysis
Focus on profitable customers with customer profitability metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), CAC, LTV:CAC ratio by traffic source, discount codes, countries, etc.

4. All-store view
Connect all your Shopify stores with TrueProfit and get a birds-eye view of all your stores’ performance.


If you're interesting to find out more, click here: TrueProfit 


Hope this can help.

Jen from TrueProfit

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