How does Quickbooks Desktop data sync work exactly?

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Can someone tell me if there is any document that explains EXACTLY (i.e. Quickbooks accountant-speak) how the data sync works?  What transactions are sent to Quickbooks, how do they show up once there, and what are the accounts that should be used in the mapping (Sales and COGS I understand, Expense and Asset I do not).  When a sale is made, do we get a credit to sales, debit to undeposited funds, credit to Inventory and debit to COGS like it's supposed to?  How do inventory purchases show up - all from one PO or in pieces as items are received?  Seems to be a black box...


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Well, 65 people have looked at this and not one response so I guess that answers the question.  No one knows how this works, at least no one I am allowed to talk to.  Very very disappointing.  I'm sending the rest of my clients to Lightspeed.

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Did you ever find any documentation on how the Shopify to Quickbooks desktop actually works?  I am interested in understanding field level mappings and how/when transactions are actually sent.  We have many orders that are getting "stuck", not sending to Quickbooks desktop and the support cannot answer my basic questions.  When I look at the Connector app in Shopify, it really doesn't give me any good information.  It tells me, when I click on Details, what transactions have been sent, but I can't figure out why others aren't being sent.  Also, you can look anywhere to see if an order has been sent or not.  There has got to be a piece of metadata indicating that the Sales Order is ready to be transmitted and then has been successfully transmitted...but I can't find that anywhere???  We are completely in the dark and I guess so is the "help" line.  Any documentation you have found about what is sent, when it is sent and how it all works would be very helpful.

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This makes me crazy. Certainly no such document, but they keep referring you to the glossary that cracks the code of name and address fields. 

I called and they 'can't advise.' I've been hunting all over different connectors looking for clues. 

Possibly the expense account is for merchant/cc processing fees? 

Any hints would be super helpful. 

Seems like this is an important step. 

Any help from Shopify out there????

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You're probably going to have to use something like webgility to link your inventory to shopify.

If you have all of your items in QB enterprise, you can use that tool to link them to your shopify items so the accts info should transfer (I'm told anyway.)


I've spoken with several different shopify support reps and they don't seem to know how QB POS works. Intuit kind of screwed them on this by apparently not telling them how the POS functions before they started telling customers it would be a simple transition.

For example they didn't know what assemblies were.

Most of our products are assemblies (almost 2,000) and they won't export so we have to rebuild our entire inventory/item system from scratch now.

If thats the case there's no reason to use shopify POS.

Does anyone know which POS is closest to resembling QB POS functionality?

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Several months later, a lot more views, but apparently still no answer?  We have two main issues with Shopify connector app to QuickBooks desktop after migrating from QBPOS.  1) Sometimes, randomly, sales will not go across.  Usually resolves -- they magically appear -- within a few days.  No explanation.  2) Shopify/Stocky seem to have no ability to properly communicate inventory details to QB.  Mapping not clear, purchases of inventory (for resale) appear as expenses, ...  A complete MESS.  Any suggestions very much appreciated.