How does the calculation of 1099k work in relation to total sales and payouts?

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Is the 1099k calculated by payouts or total sales? Also, I started using the mergify app to combine orders and for most of the year I didn't notice that it was adding the new combined order to the sales total. Of course, I wasn't receiving that money because it had already been paid on the individual orders. Is that affecting my 1099k total?

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Hi @JupiterOak 

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The 1099-K form reports the total dollar amount of payment card transactions processed by a payment settlement entity (PSE) for a payee. It's calculated based on total sales, not payouts.

If the sales reported on your 1099-K form include the combined orders generated by the Mergify app, even if you didn't receive the money for those transactions, it would still affect the total reported on your 1099-K form.

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