How long actually would take on activating Shopify Payments for non-us resident and citizen?

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I'm a non-us resident and citizen therefore have bo SSN. However I have EIN and registered LLC in Wyoming. I have also a US-bank account and my business is selling jewelry and home decor.

Before I ask this question, I chatted with live chat team to know the necessary proofs to activate Shopify Payments.

Now I have all the proofs:

- Government issued photo ID (non-US ID)
- EIN for registered LLC with the IRS as a business.
- State level business registration document
- The tracking number that proof my physical presence in US. 
- A USD checking account, opened with a real US banking institution, located on US soil. 


The live chat members ask me for waiting for tax team's action. Now, it has been taking for almost 1 month, I also enquire what's going 2 times, but,  with no result and no updates. I am so frustated. The guys promised me that they would sent me the updates, but i never ever received. Always lie to me. It's wasting time that handling this thing. I am just a small businesse owner, every second and penny is important to me. I hope get the response and result asap.  Thanks!

Looking forward.


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