How to add Custom Fields on the invoices, receipts and order confirmation emails

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I'm trying to start a POD shop with Printify and Shopify. I want to sell wall art in the US and my company is registered in Romania. Is mandatory that my invoices and receipts include my VAT number, my company name, and my company address, in order to have correct accountability. Also, every invoice that I make, should have a specific number.

I can't find a way to customize these documents to include this info. Can somebody please tell me how can I resolve this issue? My shop is ready to sell but now I'm facing this critical issue and I got stuck. 



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Hi there!

Sufio is a great solution for automated emails, whereby we can include all of your business' details. On top of this, we can also include additional information to the invoice to fit your business needs.

Our invoices can be added to Shopify's order confirmation emails, using our guide here.

Feel free to reach out to our support team at to discuss how we may be able to help or try our free 14-day trial to see if Sufio would be a good match for you.