how to add state tax automatically

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i live in atlanta, georgia. i do dropshipping from overseas. i do not have a physical warehouse or a store address but just my residance in georgia. in this case, do i have to add state tax, if an order is placed from the same state as where i live?

i'm asking because the merchandise is manufactured overseas and shipped from overseas. 

i will appreciate your help on this issue.

note: shopify would not add sales tax automatically to orders from georgia. is this because i'm dropshipping?


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Great question. If you live in Georgia, you have nexus and are required to charge sales tax. Do you have sales tax collection turned on? If not, TaxJar's Sales Tax Guide for Shopify Sellers has directions. I'd also recommend reading TaxJar's blog post about drop shipping as it's possible you have nexus in additional states. It's not definite, but there are a few scenarios you'll want to evaluate.