How to add tax identification number field in order summary page?

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I run a store in Germany. I have a question about the order summary page. How can I add a field to allow the customer to enter their tax identification number?

Thank you in advance for your help! 🙂

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You can check this thread , it is actually quite clear on the subject.

Enabling TAX/VAT number collection in checkout by adding extra field to billing address - Shopify Co...


In a few words:

1. On simple plans it is not possible 

2. Generally it is not only about VAT number , it is also about including VAt into domestic sales and Excluding VAT for intra EU cross border sales.


We can offer to you a solution which is based on draft order (see below) . We will collect and validate VAT number and make all necessary calculations.




Though tere are some limitations and we need to see your store.  Along with this solving this issue we can offer also extensive VAT complience solution for EU and UK (including IOSS , OSS and UK VAT ) 

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