How to properly configure VAT in a multi-country Shopify store?

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Hi, I have a store selling products in the EU, USA, UK and with Sweden as country of origin. Im using the built in currency converter and cant get it to work properly. In the product area, if I choose Swedish SEK, the price is with tax included. In the checkout area its still the same price but now also showing the VAT amount taken from the product price. 249kr including 62,25kr in tax, and this is how I want it. However when I am choosing EUR the price shown in the product area is without VAT and in the checkout now a tax is added. So original product price is 21€ and after tax is added the product is suddenly 24.95€. The final price is now converted correctly, but as a consumer I would get very annoyed with this. For countries outside of EU, the price is shown without tax in the product area. In the checkout area, since USA and UK is not part of EU, no tax is added so the price for non EU citizens is 5€ less than for countries within EU.

Have any of you had the same issues with the built in Shopify currency converter and tax settings? Would like to hear if you have any thoughts or good solutions to this problem. Is there a plugin or different settings in the Shopify text settings area that you could recommend or any other solutions?

Thanks in advance! 🙂


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What are the currency settings in markets  (pic 1) and the tax settings (pic 2)?




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